Clearing out issues on the FLL preparation!

We are now preparing for the FLL season and we repeatedly get same inquiries. We wanted to make sure that all teams have the same info and prepare equally without surprises popping out on the day of the competition out of nowhere!

The team members in Lebanon must be 8 and the coach is considered the 9th member. As for the mentors, teams can add up to 3 mentors, but we suggest to keep one only instead.

For the Missions part, the teams can only use 1 robot on the table per round. However, the robot’s design can be changed during the FLL day between rounds.

There is no specific order for the missions. The team can do whatever they find needed by the start of the 2 minutes and 30 seconds and end their round the way they find convenient. The judge will fill the scoring sheet by the end of the timing of each round, depending on the final state of the missions table, and during the time will only have to manage the team’s penalties.


For the project, the team has to prepare a research on a solution for one of the problems found in the general theme of the competition. Some of the problems that seniors might face are walking, using technology, medical problems, amnesia… The students have to research on the specific topic they chose and come up with an innovative solution to it (eg: a pill that can help prevent diabetes at growth). The solution is not necessarily to be in robotics. 

The team have to present their research findings in 5 minutes. Note that the more the presentation is creative the higher the team will score on the presentation part. The team can make a song, use powerpoint, make a documentary… Nothing is forbidden in the presentation as long as you show your findings and suggest your solution in a good way. Here is an example of a nice and interactive project presentation. 

For the programming and design, the team might be asked to show the judges a mission that they have prepared and the judges might want to have a look at your programming. Make sure that you get your team’s laptop and in case you don’t have one, make sure that you get it on a Flash memory, CD or an external hard disk. The coach and mentors are not allowed to enter with the team to this judging committee.

In the core values, the team do not know about the exercise they are about to do until they enter and they are asked to do it. It might be a talk or making a tower out of LEGO or even asking the team to draw something on the wall together in 5 minutes. Note as well that only the team members are allowed to go into this room and coach/mentor(s) are allowed in, if the judging committee asks for him/her to enter the room. 

In all the parts except the Missions, your scoring will remain confidential till the end of the match. As for the missions, your score is usually delayed between 5 to 10 minutes after each round you have, for it to be displayed live. 

Below is an example of how your score will appear after each missions round you have. 


That’s all we have been asked about for now. Stay posted by checking the blog, as this is where we will be posting and resolving the questions we get. If you have a question yourself, please send them here: 

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