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The Third National Robotics Contest took place last week at the Lebanese American University in Beirut and has succeeded in attracting the attention of more than 400 attendees.

The event included 34 participating teams, of which only 32 appeared on the day after the draw of 2 teams due to the latest political turmoil the country has passed.

32 teams of 28 different schools have participated in this competition, with the day starting at 8AM with the teams’ arriving at the LAU Beirut Campus. The launching of the competition proceeded at 9:30AM with the Lebanese National Anthem, to be followed later on with the Entrance of the 32 attending teams to the stage. The FLL Lebanon revived its earlier competitions with a short movie of the National Competitions in 2010 and 2011 with a short overview of the winning teams in the last 2 years.

Dr. Nasser Abo Ltaif, the Representative of the Minister of Social Affairs, Mr. Wael Abo Faour, mentioned the importance of such occasions in reviving the youth spirit for achievement and advancement for the country’s sake and the future generation. Mr. Ghazi Mtaweh, the Operational Partner of FIRST LEGO League Lebanon, stressed on the great importance such a scientific event can bring to student’s creativity that can later on direct them to development of real life solutions. Dr. Barbar Akle, Assistant Dean at LAU Byblos, who is a great contributor to the event, demonstrated properly how LAU stands by the students in hosting FLL Lebanon and the Open Arab Robotics Championship last year, and further more announced the donation of 2 scholarships by LAU Beirut to the 2 elder members of the winning team, to be awarded by the end of the day.

At 10:30 the competition started, with the 32 teams moving simultaneously on 4 main judging committees:

  1. Missions
  2. Project
  3. Core Values
  4. Technical Design

The Catering Sponsor for FLL Lebanon “TIVOLI Catering” presented lunch at 1:30PM to the participating students, judges, and volunteers.

The final rounds of the Missions started at 5:00PM and ended at 6:00PM. Later to that, the Jury meeting was held to decide on the winners.

18 Awards were distributed that day as follows:

  1. Champion: Dawn of Innovation 3- Al Iman Islamiya School Tripoli
  2. Champion Runner-up: Fast & Curious – Cedars Cultural School
  3. Missions Champion: Dawn Of Innovation 3
  4. Missions Runner-up: Roboticians – TechnoFuture
  5. Core Values Champion: Titan Tech – Al Marj School
  6. Project Champion: Leaders 313 – Al Mahdi School Baalbeck
  7. Technical Design Champion: Tic Tac Toe – Martyr Hasan Kaseer High School Beirut
  8. Programing award: J Droids – Al Imam Al Jawad School
  9. Mechanical Design Award: NAS Columbians – National American School Zahle
  10. Strategy and Innovation award: Roboss – Beissour Official Secondary School
  11. Inspiration award: Seniors Lab – Al Makassed Beirut
  12. Research award: Robovolution – International College Beirut (IC)
  13. Gracious Professionalism award: Hadi Robotics Team – Al Hadi Association
  14. Presentation award: Robo Pheonix – Al Makassed Beirut
  15. Innovative Solution award: Ynuts – Rawdat Al Fayhaa
  16. Teamwork Award: Irfan – Al Irfan School Simkaniyi
  17. Judges Award: DSBots – Deutsche School Dawha
  18. Friendship Award: Pulse 3 – Cedars Cultural School

The teams holding the first top ranks among the teams, qualified to participate on the regional competition to be held in Egypt on March 29-31, 2013, which to involve 70 teams from 9 different Arab Countries. As well, the Champion gained a seat to represent their country in the International Championship to take place in Germany on April 18, 2013.

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