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2 teams from Lebanon have left Beirut last Monday to visit Paderborne, Germany to participate in an International Robotics Competition for students of age 9 to 16. Lebanon with 1 team from Cedars Cultural School in Kabrshmoun called “Fast and Curious” and another Team from Martyr Hasan Kaseer High School in Beirut called “Tic Tac Toe”, have gained Lebanon 3 titles out of 17 in the International Robotics Competition, OEC this last Friday.

After Dawn of Innovation, the team from Tripoli of Al Iman School represented Lebanon in another International Competition that took place in the St. Louis, USA and came back with 2 great prizes for Lebanon those teams proceeded in stabilizing Lebanon’s position among great countries in Science, Engineering and Technology.

Fast and Curious and Tic Tac Toe competed with 54 teams from 32 countries, including China, USA, Great Britain, Netherlands, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, France, Germany… Countries considered vastly knowledgeable in the field of robotics, but Lebanon through Fast and Curious was able to compete till the last minute with more than 10 official scoring rounds to gain the third position after facing USA and China in the Finals. The 2 teams gained 2 other awards in that competition, rounding up to 3 awards:

  1. Missions third rank: Fast and Curious own robot design and programming was able to compete with other team’s designs, and pushed them toward the third rank.
  2. Inspiration Award: Tic Tac Toe was able to prove that the teamwork their group possessed was of the greatest knowledge they have gained through their experience
  3. Mechanical Design: Fast and Curious robot design was able to attract the attention of Mechanical Engineering Professors found in the Judging Committee of the OEC, and decided to hand them the Mechanical Design Award

During the Last call we had with the Lebanese Teams, they have showed great thankfulness with what the people in Lebanon have showed in interest in what they have done, “by calling us several times during our rounds, checking the social media posts, posts and watching us live” said Mr. Ghazi Mtaweh, Cedars Cultural School Manager. Charbel Najjar and Mhamad Beiruti, the coaches of both teams have repeatedly confessed how “we are really excited on the amount of great feedback we received from other team coaches, judges, students, and media in Germany, on how a small country like ours was able to stand among beasts of technology like Japan, China, Germany and Great Britain. We were able to compete against the creators of Land Rover, Mercedes and Lexus, we’ve done it once again”

The great achievement that the Lebanese teams have managed to gain was celebrated in Germany by Media, Universities and Fellow teams from around the world.

You can check the video of their arrival to the Airport in Beirut here

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