The 2012 FLL “Senior Solutions” season is on and teams are getting ready to compete on March 23, 2013. We have 31 teams registered so far from different schools and organizations and we hope we will reach 35 by the end of January.

The teams registered so far are of the following organizations:

  1. Al Mahdi with 2 teams
  2. Al Makassed with 2 teams
  3. Al Kawthar
  4. Martyr Hasan Kaseer High School
  5. Al Hadi
  6. International College (IC)
  7. Al Iman Saida with 2 teams
  8. Shabakat Al Mo’asasat Al Tarbawiya with 2 teams
  9. Al Ofoq Al Jadeed
  10. St Coeur Ain Ebel
  11. Al Iman Tripoli
  12. Al Bayan
  13. Rawdat Al Fayha’
  14. National Orthodox School
  15. Madrasat Al Badr Lil Ta’leem Wal Tarbiya – Fnaydek
  16. Al Abrar Educational Center
  17. National American School
  18. Sabeel Rashad
  19. Al Imam Al Jawad
  20. Al Marj Baakline with 2 teams
  21. Cedars Cultural School
  22. Ajyal School
  23. Al Irfan
  24. Techno Future
  25. Beissour Official Secondary School
  26. Deutsche Schule
  27. Lebanese International College – Rashaya
  28. Gutenburg School Baabda

    We are welcoming teams to register till the end of January 2013 to be part of the FLL 2012 season, and hopefully we will post their names once they finalize their registration. To know more about FLL and how you can be part of our mission, check our website, contact us by email or by phone on +961 (0)1 741 337

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